Tiny Heavy

Tiny Heavy Laboratories, LLC, is a Portland, Oregon-based development shop providing bespoke iPhone and iPad development on a work-for-hire basis. Whether you have a novel idea, an existing project you'd like to bring to the iOS platform, or an in-house project that needs some extra love, we're happy to help you find the path to realizing your vision that will stand out for both its individuality and its seamless integration with the rest of the Apple ecosystem. Our commitment to rapid, iterative development will help your project blossom from concept to maturity in a time frame that will please your customers, at a price that will keep the beancounters equally happy.

Contact us today at info@tinyheavy.com. Operators are... well, not standing by. Busily creating masterpieces. But they'd be happy to take a few minutes to talk about how Tiny Heavy Labs might be right for you.